About Us

GeoRepNet is a network funded by the STFC Futures Programme to investigate the major scientific and technical challenges in the establishment and monitoring of geological repositories.

The network is comprised six workpackages that address the geophysical, geochemical and biological challenges of establishing and operating geological repositories and investigate methods of monitoring geological repositories.

The technical focus of the network, addressed by a dedicated workpackage, examines the cross-transfer of technology from the space and astronomical communities into geological repository monitoring, for example miniaturised in-situ instruments designed for planetary exploration and spectroscopic methods of monitoring repository atmospheres to detect leakage of wastes.

What we do

The network implements its objectives using three major meetings (one in each of the network years) and a series of satellite workshops. Important in the network’s objectives is developing the next generation of scientists involved in the establishment of geological repositories.

The network makes use of a web site and social networking technologies to implement its objectives. The network is primarily a UK network, but it draws in international collaboration to achieve its objectives and maximise the expertise available for the achievement of its objectives.

Get in touch

Our overall aim is to advance the identification, prioritisation and provision of solutions, to establishing and maintaining geological repositories. If you'd like to contact us then you can get in touch through our contact form.