There are 6 work packages in GeoRepNet, here you can find the work packages' leaders:


Work Package 1 (Biological Processes in Geological Repositories):

Network Leader: Charles Cockell  (University of Edinburgh)

Network PDRA: Susana Direito (University of Edinburgh)

Jon Lloyd (University of Manchester)


Work Package 2 (Geochemical Processes in Geological Repositories):

Gareth Law (University of Manchester)

Katherine Morris (University of Manchester)

Vernon Phoenix (University of Glasgow)


Work Package 3 (Geophysical Processes in Geological Repositories):

Vitaly Kudryavtsev (University of Sheffield)


Work Package 4 (Long-term Environmental Changes and Effects on Geological Repositories):

Blanca Antizar-Ladislao (University of Edinburgh)


Work Package 5 (Monitoring Methods for Geological Repositories):

Nick Smith (National  Nuclear Laboratory)


Work Package 6 (Planetary Science/Astronomy/Particle Physics Technology Translation):

Ian Hutchinson (University of Leicester)


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