GeoRepNet Awards

One of the objectives of GeoRepNet is to support travel and collaboration between organisations carrying out research in geological repositories or in allied areas with links to subsurface science. Awards have been provided to early career researchers for travel to advance collaborations or to scientists to work on early development of instruments related to geological repositories. Here is the list of the exciting awards provided by GeoRepNet:

Awardee: Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Use of award: Support for hosting a session on technology transfer and the deep subsurface of the Geomicrobiology Conference 2014, Newcastle, 10-11th September, 2014.

Award value: £ 2500


Awardee: Sophie Nixon, University of Edinburgh

Use of award: Student travel award for AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 15-19th December, 2014 to present data on deep carbon and geological repositories.

Award value: £1500


Awardee: Graeme Hansford, University of Leicester

Use of award: Travel and instrumentation award. Funding was provided for handheld XRD development, instrument testing and travel, specifically with a focus on technology translation into geological repositories.

Award value: £ 2500


Awardee: Matthew Gunn, Aberystwyth University

Use of award: Travel and instrumentation award. Funding was provided to carry out a feasibility study of UV excited luminescence imaging for mineral mapping in deep subsurface geological repositories using two instruments developed at Aberystwyth University: a field-portable and robust hyperspectral camera (SpecI) and a dedicated hyperspectral luminescence microscope (HeLIOS). Funding covers travel and accommodation between institutions, lab and field testing and an upgrade of one filter in the SpecI instrument to increase its spectral resolution.

Award value: £ 2000


Awardee: Ilenia Dangeli, University of Bologna

Use of award: Student travel and instrumentation award. Funding was provided to gain experience in experimental design for rock weathering research applied to the deep subsurface and with potential application to geological repositories, assist with fieldwork, data analysis and gain expertise in the use of advanced microscopy techniques in the ISSAC facility in Glasgow.

Award value: £ 1500


Awardee: Dr Jonathan Cloutier, University of St. Andrews           

Use of award: Instrumentation Award. Funding was provided to establish a detailed baseline to monitor geological repository using high resolution hyperspectral reflectance. Funding will be used to purchase a TSG software single licence in order to carry out a desktop study that will investigate how to use hyperspectral data to monitor clay-bearing geological repositories, particularly those associated with the disposal of radioactive materials.

Award value: £ 2500 


Awardee: Christopher Reid, University of Strathclyde            

Use of award: Student travel and instrumentation award. Funding supported attendance at the BELBaR Final Workshop (Berlin, Germany) to form collaborations and present data on bentonite buffer erosion in nuclear repositories. Also supported was the use of x-ray diffraction instrumentation at the University of Strathclyde to further this research.

Award value: £ 630


Awardee: Dr. Christian Schröder, University of Stirling

Use of award: Instrument development award. Funding supported development of the miniaturised Mössbauer spectrometer MIMOS II (used on the Mars Exploration Rovers) to use in the context of monitoring geological repositories. Field and laboratory studies were supported, which included new collaborations between planetary science instrumentation researchers and geoscientists. 

Award value: £ 7000


Awardee: Dr. Katinka Wouters, SCK-CEN Belgium

Use of award: Travel award. Funding supported travel to the University of Strathclyde to start collaborative work on microbial interactions with radioactive waste disposal. 

Award value: £ 765


Awardee: Dr. Hannah Bentham, University of Leeds

Use of award: Travel award. Funding supported travel to University College London to undertake high performance computing modelling work applied to rock fracturing in the vicinity of geological repositories. 

Award value: £ 1500

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