Individual Objectives

There are several sub-objectives in GeoRepNet:
1) Establish a network of experts in the scientific areas of relevance to geological repositories (geophysics, geochemistry, geobiology, geology) and the technical areas of relevance to geological repositories (instrument development, monitoring).

2) Identify and prioritise the key challenges facing the scientific and technical community in determining the key geochemical and biological processes that will influence the establishment, operation and monitoring of geological repositories.

3) Create a bridge between instrument development in planetary sciences and astronomy and the development/use of this instrumentation in the construction and monitoring of geological repositories.

4) Mobilise the UK community to act as a focal point for developing the international research agenda in subsurface processes associated with geological repositories.

5) Engage with end-users, policy makers and other organisations involved in planning geological repositories through knowledge exchange activities.

6) Ensure the formation of a network of scientists and instrument developers that will persist long after the completion of the nominal network period (3 years).
 We will accomplish these objectives using two primary methods:

1) a web site, which will allow us to engage with the community and develop social networking methods to allow for the dissemination of information to the community and act as a resource to centralise information on geological repositories,

2) network meetings. We envisage one major meeting each year, gearing up to a meeting in the third year at which the results of the network are presented. Satellite workshops will allow priorities identified in the course of the network to be addressed.

The network is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council

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